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OK guys, you know the shop. Take a second to imagine how large a company we are. OK, now cut that in half. Now take a second to imagine what our expenses are, rent, payroll, inventory. OK, now double that number. As honoring as it is to get asked what other cities we’re in, the truth is, we’re a small independently owned company (owner: Frank Caruso). Yes, we’ve been on Maple Rd. since 1981 but what does that even mean anymore? Did anyone see Barneys New York (est. 1923) coming? Since joining the company in 2005 my mantra has been, “the product is available anywhere. We have to create an environment that uniquely caters to our direct community, hire the best people & pay the sh*t out of them.” Our core players have been with us a collective 40+ years and through that time we’ve raised 7 children together. The point is (if you’ve made it this far, and god bless you if you have) we need your help right now. We want to continue to run the kind of company we want to run. Not the one we’re forced to.

In order to do that we need to keep the wheels turning. Yes! We’ll all make it through Corona, but we’re also up against the Maple rd. Reconstruction project this year. A once in a hundred year infrastructure project that as right now is still scheduled to start the beginning of April. Remember when I said “the point is” like 10 minutes ago? OK, the real point is... WE NEED YOU TO BUY A GIFT CARD. We can do this anyway you want, online, curbside, snail mail or Frank can come drop if off along with a nice Amarone. For those of you who feel comfortable leaving the house or are in the “liberal media hoax” camp, we will remain open unless ordered to close. Our current store hours are Mon-Sat: 11a-6p and Sun: 12p-6p. We are applying the same spend / discount setup to any in-store purchases as well.

Thanks, and as always


  • In-store gift card
  • Includes notecard & envelope
  • If you'd like the notecard filled out, please specify "TO" and "FROM" in your order "Comment" box
  • Please note in-store gift cards CANNOT be applied to online orders
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